TLDR: Linters have two categories of rules: Formatting and Code-quality. Is there any lib with the former (with errors/warnings) approach in Dart?

While I was trying to setup the whole linting structure in my project - and I was able to successfully integrate a code style static analysis with dartanalyzer (https://dart.dev/guides/language/analysis-options) and setup my rules -, but couldn't setup a lint (warnings/errors) that checks my code format. I searched a bit and found about dartfmt, but nothing further than that to achieve this linter.

This may help to clarify my intention here:

  • Creating an analogy by using JavaScript, what I seek is the ESLint + Prettier libraries (the former is better suited for stylistic errors, and the latter describe as an opinionated code formatter).

Obs: I use vscode with dart-code extension, so it there is any extension that already apply this to the IDE, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

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