Context: The software I'm helping develop interacts with lots of other software in a fairly complex way (using many different programs as i/o functions for file conversion and data manipulation).

What I want: In order to help my co-workers (as well as future users of the software), I want to build an interactive control flow on our website that allows you to click on a node within the control flow and have a text box pop open next to it that explains what that node does. I'd also like to be able to click on each arrow in the control flow and have a text box pop up and say what type of data in being transfered via this arrow.

Example: Below is a more complicated version of what the control flow network might look like. enter image description here

Imagine being able to click on the "Atomizer" box and have a text box tell you what Atomizer does, or click on the arrow marked number 3 and have it tell you what data is being passed from the "Model (BNGL)" box to the "NFsim" box.

Are there any free or relatively cheap programs you'd recommend that would help me do all this?

I'm operating on Debian. I'd like to create the flow chart manually (I don't care if I have to operate it from the command line or a GUI); I have no preexisting data sets. The output format doesn't matter as long as it can easily be integrated with a web page. The software should be ideally free, but lower end price if that's not possible.

I also haven't built anything like this before, so I'm definitely at noob status.

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