Is there any open-source 3D Viewer with Sketchfab-style Annotation? I'm particularly interested in the way annotation is done in Sketchfab. Thanks for recommendations.

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    What are "Sketchfab-style Annotation"? Please describe with words, and also with a screenshot. Thanks! – Nicolas Raoul Nov 7 at 5:07
  • help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/202512456-Annotations I mean this annotation. The way the model flies from one annotation point to another is great. – user355087 Nov 8 at 23:39
  • Please describe with words, and also with a screenshot. You cant force people to click links, and links disappear, plus your question is not searchable with just a link. Thanks! – Nicolas Raoul Nov 10 at 5:56

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