I am looking for a tool that allows me to compare 2 different databases in terms of structure and data.

I can have both databases running locally in my machine, so remote analysis is not needed.

I need to be able to visualize structure differences in source and destination, and the same thing for data. I would also like to be able to extract queries of the changes I would like to apply.

For example, if row with ID 1000 is missing from destination, I would like to extract that query to run in the destination database. The same way, extract structure differences from source or destination to run in the database that is missing or outdated.

I have seen this, but I know none of these tools, nor I know if this is a good source for finding such tools: https://dbmstools.com/categories/data-compare-tools/mysql?data_sync=1&schema_compare=1&schema_sync=1

Any insight?

Thank you.

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