I've been using XnView for this on Windows, it has a side-by-side comparison mode where zooming into one image zooms into the other at the same time, so you can take several pictures of the same scene, then compare details side-by-side and delete the inferior ones until only the best is left.

enter image description here

I sync all my phone's photos with my computer, compare them on the computer, and the deletions sync back to the phone. It would be nice if there were an Android app that does this directly on the phone, though. Know of any?

(Similar to Side-by-side image viewer for Android with RAW (DNG) file support except that one didn't get answered, because it was based on a misunderstanding of raw images.)


Found an app that does this:

Pic Perfect (Image Compare)


  • Shows two pictures at a time, cycling through all pairs to find the best
  • Zooms both simultaneously
  • Can delete or move the pictures


  • Interface is not clear
    • Has Quick vs Complete mode, or Sequence vs Multiple mode, which seem to be the same thing??
    • Gives you the option to delete the perfect pic, which I thought was to delete the non-perfect pics, because why would you want to delete the perfect one??
  • Would be nice if I didn't have to navigate to the Camera folder every time.
  • Would be nice if it remembered that I want to do nothing to the perfect picture and delete the others.
  • Slow to open the folder navigation
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