I am trying to replace OneNote with a markdown editor for note-taking in Windows. What I am missing is the ability to browse files and folders from within the app in a manner akin to Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+PgUp/PgDnto travel between pages and sections in OneNote. There is just too much friction when it comes to these things with most apps.

My workflow would be to have a separate markdown file for each date to jot notes in, and some supplemental folders for other miscellaneous notes/to-do lists etc.

While many editors seem to have the ability to view folders on a sidepane (Atom, Typora etc), I don't believe you can navigate between them from within the app without a lot of friction. It's never as simple as Ctrl+Tab, and this makes me less likely to use the app because referencing past material becomes too regular a pain.

Other features that I absolutely would love/need: Native app (Electron is fine, web-based isn't), and a good search built in maybe? I'd happily pay for this.

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