I am thinking to create a simple desktop application.

Only two computers will be used, client side and admin side. (Both connected on the same network).

Purpose of the app

Data to be used from client side:

  • Date & time
  • User
  • Product
  • Ready (yes or no)


  • Send data from client side to admin.
  • admin receives data from client, inspects it, ticks it as good to go or not ready.
  • Client will be able to see their sent data and see if admin has approved it as good to go

Simple as that.

I'll need to store the information, somewhere, maybe like SQL?


What would be a suitable language and software to use to create this sort of ticketing app?

I am thinking tkinter and mysql.


Maybe you could use an open source Kanban board like https://wekan.github.io/

I think with Kanban you can map almost every workflow. I think in your case you have columns / steps like: incoming, todo, in progress and ready.

  • thanks for the suggestion – LearningDev. Nov 5 '19 at 11:53

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