I have to choose one development platform for embedded software development but i cant decide which is better KEIL or IAR.

I know it is processor specific question but i would like to know, at the core in case of processor agnostic level, which one you would prefer and why?

Which one of its toolchain leaves minimum footprint?

Or Could you help me which criterias must be in an embedded development environment.

Bear with me with one more question please. Is it possible to use generic programming IDEs like visual studio, eclipse in embedded development for big project .

Thank you very much.

After I have researched some documents for the comparison between IAR and KEIL. My question was a little bit inadequete with respect to its supporting architecture type. So i edited this post a little bit more rigth way in order to decide which one is better (this is really wrong post because there is no better IDE. What makes an IDE better is all about your need i think maybe i am wrong please correct me) or useful.

For example:

IAR Workbench has support various types of vendors and architecture types including ARM, RISC-V, 8051 on the contrary KEIL support just (as far as I have found) ARM based architecture.

IAR editions has built-in MISRA-C/C++ checker on the other hand All KEIL editions a third part library must be installed which is PC-Lint.

KEIL IDE has some good features like showing all functions that you need to use in HAL files. But i have to search function names in IAR WB.

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