I have a project phone, a Moto G6 international for which I unlocked the bootloader. I'd like to get a Linux distribution on my phone, but not the way people normally recommend. I do not want to run Linux on top of Android, though eventually I may need to simulate an Android environment on top of Linux for certain apps.

I've used Ubuntu, but mostly work with Fedora, and if possible I'd like to have all one distribution for my computers.

Which Linux distro would I have the easiest time with? I'd like it to have common cell phone apps such as a phone dialer and a text messager.

Thanks from the Woodsman


An "Ubuntu Touch" device, or a Phone with "Firefox OS", or "Maemo" (OS), might work for you, but many of the devices that support these products have been discontinued and must be purchased second hand.

You can also install the Termux app and do a lot of linux-like stuff.

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