I have a basic question for all the experts here. I want to come up with an architecture for my personal application and I am unable to decide on choice of cloud platform and technology stack I should go for.

I want to develop an application which needs to have a backend + frontend (web + mobile app) + storage (relational DB).

backend - sever less (prefer to write in Golang) + http api.
data storage - relational DB (simple app)
front end - ? (should be able to support web/ioS/Android)

In addition to above overall application layers, I am also hoping to get some features in the cloud platform out of the box (don't want to reinvent the wheel), based on the technology stack I choose.

Out of the box features:
1. Authentication (want to use auth service cloud provides)
2. Push notifications (want to use auth service cloud provides)
3. Analytics for my app - how the app is doing
4. Ease of using common frontend for all the devices (web, iOS, android) - is it even possible. or worth it?

What I have looked into:
Google Firebase:
Now my app is nothing to do with realtime updates, mine is a basic service app where a query is invoked from the front end and back end responds - may result in some form of payment or not based on the actions taken by the user.

But since firebase comes with all the "Additional Options" I am looking for, is it worth it since no sql is not what I need)? Or for my needs is there a different technology choice/platform?

1) Is Firebase right choice of technology for such simple apps, that don't need real time updates.
2) Any other technology choice I should look into? Thanks!!

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