I want do a web project working with the google maps. I need for example change maps styles, import polygon from kml file, store it in database, show and work on them in maps. I did web programming mainly in php years ago but I not updated on recent tecnologies. I saw that google maps api are js but I seem to remember that the js (which I had used little) was not good for the debugging part. I also think to use mainly php if possibile where should I be a little more familiar. With a fast search about good php framework or class for google maps api and I had difficult find something that seems complete and supported. geocoder-php seems with good support and support many providers (not only google maps) but seems don't have polygon support, or I'm wrong? A PHPgooglemaps fork (https://github.com/holtkamp/PHPGoogleMaps) with latest commits of 3 years ago.

Someone know what is the better, complete and currently supported php framework/class for google maps api? Or there isn't or it is no longer convenient to use them?

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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