I would like to decrease my dependence from the Google. Particularly, I don't wish to

  • allow google to remove image/video metadata, without I asked it from them (but allow them to process it)
  • allow google to have access to my private photos (videos)
  • pay google for giving a larger storage data than 16GB, while I could buy a hard disk roughly in their price for a year
  • allow google to irrecoverably decrease the quality of my photos
  • tolerate such "jokes" from them, like the separation of the google drive and google photos.

However, I would still like to have the nice features of the google photos / cloud storage. Particularly:

  • on all my android devices, where I have google photos, the photos are uploaded to the google automatically, if I have a wifi connection
  • my synchronized, and old photos (videos) are automatically deleted from my devices (but not from the cloud storage)
  • my new photos (created by my other androids) in the server storage are automatically downloaded to my devices

I have my own servers, on which I have full control: I decide, how big HDD I buy into them, and what services do I want to run on them.

However, I have much lesser control over my android devices: I can use only apps which are allowed by the google, and many of them wants regularly cash from me, what I don't want to pay.

Most ideally, I would like to have a google photos, what is using my own sftp server, and not the Google. Alternatively, anything on the server side is okay, what I can do with a Linux (for example, WebDav).

I tried FolderSync until now. It can synchronize data over ssh, but it can't automatically delete my old photos.

I tried also PhotoSync. Beside the disadvantage of the FolderSync, it also wants money for sftp support.

  • Would Nextcloud be an option? AFAIK the Nextcloud app also includes a photo sync feature (not sure about the delete part, though). And it's FOSS, server as well as client app. As for FolderSync: IIRC when chosing "unidirection sync", there was an option to "delete after upload". – Izzy Nov 1 '19 at 17:17
  • @Izzy Thanks! I am experimenting with Nextcloud. "delete after upload" is not enough exact what I want. What I want: "delete the oldest files after upload, but only if the flash of my phone is nearly full". Be back soon. – peterh Nov 3 '19 at 19:29
  • Afraid that exact functionality is not available in any app I know (except for the one we both don't want to use). Could be possible to establish that via Tasker or MacroDroid, though (at least FolderSync has Tasker support; or use a script with rsync so you can check "sync OK && space low => remove_oder_than"). – Izzy Nov 4 '19 at 7:41

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