I need to be able to make voice notes when I am away from my computer. At times, such as when I am driving, it needs to be hands free. The mostly likely hardware would probably be a smart phone that can connect to my car. Later, I need all the notes I dictated to show up on my PC that I can easily copy and paste into other software for further processing. I need to be able to copy/paste everything at once, i.e. no copying and pasting one item at a time, because I could have hundreds of items.

What won't work - anything with a noticeable lag that I have to wait for the system to be ready to start listening to me. For instance, I have a digital voice recorder, and even in standby mode, from the time I press the record button until it starts recording is a whole two seconds meaning the first few words I say are often chopped off. Also, Google Assistant won't work, as with recent changes it will no longer reliably save to anywhere that I can access on my PC.

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