I recently got my external PSRAM working with STM32F412 and I have a small question about it. The PSRAM that I am using: http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/66-67WVE4M16EALL-BLL-CLL.pdf

enter image description here

I know that Bank 1 is divided into 4 sub banks which are addressed by select line. In my case, I am using select line 3 therefore the addresses that I should be writing and reading are 0X6800 0000 - 0X6BFF FFFF. I know that each sub bank has dedicated 64Mbytes but how does that work if my external PSRAM only able to hold 8Mbytes? Does that mean that I should be writing/reading into 0x6800 0000 - 0x6880 0000 ( First 8Mbytes of the dedicated 64 Mbytes)? I have tried writing data to adresses beyond 0x6880 0000 and was able to read it back. So im not exactly sure how does it work

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