TL;DR: Is there any solution that provides synchronized reading of custom documents across Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and optionally some choice of e-Ink reader?

Amazon's Kindle app ecosystem is great for reading across different devices, synchronizing notes, bookmarks, and reading progress along the way. However, I have found that it has a couple of major omissions:

  • For PDF documents, reading progress is not synchronized.
  • User documents cannot be viewed on PC, so use for "personal documents" (including things like scientific publications) is extremely limited.
  • Managing "personal documents" requires accessing an awkward web interface; The apps don't allow to delete or rename documents.

I am searching for a solution that can complement or replace the kindle apps for me for the sake of reading across multiple PCs, an Android phone and an iPad.

Ideally I'd like the solution to also support some eInk reader. While I have a Kindle Paperwhite, I don't expect that it will allow installing such a solution and I am willing to purchase a new device for this purpose.

The solution doesn't need to be free, though since it has to compete with Kindle, which handles MOST of my documents, recurring costs can't be too high either.

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