I'm looking for an extension that allows me to annotate the images that are uploaded to imgur by Stack Exchange.

This would mean drawing circles / 'drawing' text etc..


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As @grgarside mentions, there used to be a userscript to do this, but it no longer works, and the owner has stopped updating it as he no longer has time to maintain it :(

So, I made my own userscript Freehand Circles Drawing Tool. I've made a post at StackApps.

It allows you to view any image on any SE site, and start drawing on top of it. A button is added to each image called edit. Clicking it converts the image to a canvas where you can draw whatever you want on top of the image. Clicking save then makes a new image with the annotation and uploads it to imgur. It then updates the post with the new image.

You can therefore easily make images like:

(original image from here; everything red is by me :)

To find out more about how to install and use, go to StackApps :)

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