I'm looking for a web application (either the third-party hosted or hosted by myself) that can:

  • load and display a text
  • allow the user to mark a word or a group of words as belonging to a predefined class
  • record for each such mark which user did it
  • free

If possible:

  • open-source
  • RDBMS back-end for storing the data

Here is my use case to clarify the need: I have 1000 news articles (plain text, written in English), I need to mark among those articles all words or a group of words that express a positive or negative sentiment (i.e. I have 2 classes). I'm going to use Amazon Turk/oDesk/etc. to crowdsource the task, hence the choice for a web interface. I will ask each worker to annotate a subset of those 1000 news articles. Each news articles will be annotated by 3 workers to ensure the annotations' quality.


I'm not sure how easy it would be to embed into Amazon Turk (it's a standalone webapp), but you might want to try brat (brat rapid annotation tool).

  • open source (MIT License)
  • Among other types of annotations, it supports annotating a span of text with a specific (predefined) class which sounds like it might fit your needs
  • supports multiple users (but again, some work might be necessary to tie this into Turk)
  • online demo, examples, GitHub repo

The development of brat is somehow stalled.

As at the beginning of 2019, I would highly recommend INCEpTION https://inception-project.github.io/

INCEpTION has builtin active learning support and a lot more.

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