I am looking for software for creating processes and managing them in the company - I can explain the case example :)

The system should be able to define individual steps of the entire process along with the identification of the person who will perform them and the time of implementation.

  • The customer places an order for advertising t-shirts
    1. We start the process - a new T-shirt order
    2. The task is assigned to the graphic designer - prepare the visualization - deadline of 24 hours
    3. person at the secretary's office receives the task - prepare a pro-form - deadline - 6h

Graphic designer - approves the visualization, the person from the secretariat seeing the ready visualization sends it to the client in a pro-form.

The secretariat receives a new task - reminder whether the client has approved the visualization - deadline - 72h (after exceeding the deadline reminder for the secretariat - contact the client no response from him) We get the approval of the client's graphic design - the secretary means the task done Another task for accounting - has the transfer been pro-forma? - Accounting confirms Task for printers - we realize orders for t-shirts - 72h .... And so on :) Of course, this is just an example of part of one process - but I wanted to outline the functionality of the application. Do any of you know of an application that could help us? Preferably open-source but it is not a requirement :) May be paid per-user in reasonable money.


It seems like you could use Processmaker. You can create the processes via web interface, and once created you can also track the processes in your company. There's an open source community version, and even a VM on Bitnami

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