I have a Linux VPS on which there's no GUI, and no IMAP/POP server. What I would like to do is provide a "webmail" style interface to e-mail on that system - all I have for e-mail there right now is Alpine from an SSH session, which is less than optimal for me. I'd like to be able to use a web browser on a remote system to connect to it and read/send mail.

Things that I would consider to be "must have" for what I want to do would be:

  • Read and send mail via a web browser talking to my VPS
  • Read e-mail from /var/spool/mail type files on the local disk of the VPS, and maintain the data in that form (because I might also want to operate on it later using something like Alpine or mailx, I don't want the webmail reader to reorganize it such that other programs can't read it after the webmail reader touches it).
  • Deliver outgoing mail by sending it through the local MTA, as if it were a local mail client.

Things that would be really nice to have, but not absolutely required:

  • Self-contained (doesn't need to be plugged into Apache or Nginx, or anything like that).

Things that would absolutely disqualify a potential solution from consideration:

  • Needs to fetch the mail from an IMAP or POP server, even if on the local system - has to operate directly on the mail files in the filesystem.
  • Stores the mail in a database, in a different kind of directory hierarchy (like MH does), or in any way other than just the raw mail files.

I used something like this quite a while ago, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was called... The things I've come across recently that are closest to what I want would be Neomail and Open WebMail, but even they have to be plugged into an existing web server, which I'd like to avoid if possible.

Can anyone point me towards a webmail system that works in this way? Am I just crazy thinking that I remember that there was once such a thing...? Something that has to be built from source is fine, I don't need it to be packaged for the distro I'm using (though in case there is something already packaged, I'm using Fedora...).

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