I am re-factoring a component service of an application, which is a JSON-over-HTTP microservice. The client and server are both Ruby.

Ideally the re-factored client code will produce model objects interchangeable with ORM objects from Sequel ORM, so that consumers of the higher-level model can be agnostic on what the data source/backing is.

I could write something based around rest-client but am wondering if someone else has already solved this. When I search for "ruby rest client like backbone" I get tons of results for using Ruby/Rails with Backbone, so I am finding it hard to tell whether such a model-based RESTful client framework exists.

Desired features:

  • Open-source Ruby gem.

  • Consumes REST(ful) services and supports representation of them as a data model.

    • No need for clever consumption of interface-defining URIs
  • DSL or declarative syntax for relationships between entities (probably the feature of backbone I'd like to replicate).

    • I am assuming that I have to write model code for each class, with a simple declarative-style DSL covering which fields to expose, how the object is read/written and how each relation needs to be followed according to the properties of the RESTful service.
  • Simple caching/memoisation to prevent repeated requests when the client already has relevant data.

  • Lightweight. Only has to cover simple basic relationships itself and allow custom methods when that is not possible.

    • Dependencies on e.g. rest-client are fine.

    • I have ruled out using a DataMapper model and DataMapper adaptors on this basis, and because the rest of the target application is moving to Sequel ORM.


Browsing rubygems, I have found restfully, rest-core, rest_model and arrest. Although the last one seems quite light on documentation, they all seem to promise some of what I am looking for. Any experience or enlightenment on which best matches my requirements would be much appreciated.

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