I have XML files that I cannot edit. It isnt practical or permitted, and I cant do it on the fly with code anyway. The XML file is static. It contains no lines of code specifying XSL. Is there a way, via another XML or XSL or HTML file (completely client side), that I can utilize to render the XML in an aesthetically pleasing, organized, and searchable fashion.

Currently if I wanted to search the XML file I have to open it and just eyeball my way through the code. I can use the Search bar, of course, but the search terms are so convoluted no on remembers them. I can render the XML in a browser in a tree-branching format, but that is crude and unpleasant. Id like something more user-friendly, but I am highly restricted in what I can do.

I cannot use server-side coding, I cannot alter the XML. I cannot install new programs, but I can use XML/XSL/HTML files with a standard browser.

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