My mother is a music major, and has played the harp professionally. She wants to get back to it after years of not playing, but her eyesight is no longer as good as it once was, and she has trouble seeing the notes on her harp transcripts (sheet music).

I'm sure there are plenty of apps out there for tablets and iPads which could do what she needs. However, I don't really know what to search for, and couldn't find anything which specifically fit her requirements. We are looking for something which:

  • Can scan or otherwise digitize the harp transcripts my mother has.
  • Can make the notes as big as she wants.
  • Ideally, will listen as she plays, and 'turn the page' as it were when necessary. This would be a nice bonus, but is not necessary.
  • Is simple. My mother isn't overly tech-savvy. I can set things up, but she'll need to be able to run whatever shows the transcript herself.

Obviously this would be for a tablet or iPad. We have a Samsung tablet, but I would not be adverse to getting an iPad if there are no android apps which can do the above.

What should I be looking for?

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