As part of my final year project at university I will be developing a Progressive Web App. I have some familiarity with JavaScript however I have not used any of the frameworks I am looking to use. Ionic React has just recently been released (https://ionicframework.com/blog/announcing-ionic-react/). However, previously Ionic used to be mainly used with Angular. My project will be an indoor map type of app that will have a native component and I'll likely use Capacitor to access native components in the native apps in order to do real-time positioning.

Which framework would you recommend I invest time in learning and why? Which would be more suitable and what are the advantages of one over the other?

I am happy to expand on details if you need more, just leave a comment.

Thank you!

  • Why learn the "ionic" version of either? Why not learn one of the vanilla versions? – Chillie Oct 17 at 13:35
  • Because I'd like to develop a cross plaform application. Ionic offers great cross platform capabilities. – bluiska Oct 18 at 12:51
  • You should start with learning the vanilla versions first. In fact, if you are just familiar with JavaScript, you would be better off learn JavaScript better, then moving on to another frame work. You can't learn to run before you walk. I was the same way, I spent a bit of time learning vanilla JS, which made learning React much, much easier. – Chillie Oct 18 at 13:07

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