I am creating android app, for which i will use MySQL to store data. I didn't wanted to use firebase, it's pricey, and my app will store big data (app is for worldwide use, so it will consume very much space, and probably over time, it will fill up even further disc on server). And my app will rely for data mostly on the server, just like regular SQL database, but i will store it in server instead locally on device. And i don't know which server to buy. I need cheap (up to 5$ per month, highest), server which will be capable of processing my requests from app (PHP, HTTP, etc). Mostly i see web servers, or something like that, but i know most of them are not capable for me (they are user ready, but not developer friendly). Which i should buy, whole server? So to have full access to it's root? I saw HostGator , is that good for my need?

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