My project is into inventory domain, once order is created on the web/URL , need to login the desktop application to complete and fulfill the order. I am using selenium web driver to create order on the Web. What tool can i use to automate a desktop application? All inputs are greatly appreciated.


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You can use powershell to create an automation script. One possibility (but not the only one, Google is your friend here) is the UIAutomation library, for which I found an example here.

I remember doing some simple automation without this library, so you might be able to find other approaches, but in any case: this can be done with powershell.


For a few decades now, I have been using Autoit, and can't recommend it enough for automating WIdnwos tasks. See, for instance my answer to How to automatically input text to the window program's text field and search this site further for `autoit/

To quote that answer:

Personally, I always use AutoIt to automate any Windows tasks

AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting. It uses a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement and window/control manipulation in order to automate tasks in a way not possible or reliable with other languages.

I am not sure about AutoHotKey, but one big feature of AutoIt is that it will locate a window, or wait for it to become active. It doesn’t rely on X/Y coordinates, you can resize, move, or even minimize or hide a program and your script will still run.

Here’s a simple script which opens Notepad, writes to its input and saves the file:

WinWaitActive("Untitled - Notepad")
Send("This is some text.")
WinClose("Untitled - Notepad")
WinWaitActive("Notepad", "Save")
;WinWaitActive("Notepad", "Do you want to save") ; When running under Windows XP
  • Five years later, and I am using AutoHotKey, which is a fork of AutoIt. Be sure to use v2, not v1. If your app uses WFP, then you need anotehr solution
    – Mawg
    Commented Mar 6 at 14:24

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