I am looking for a simple GUI tool to create points interactively (Something like Geogebra) using the mouse, then save the points coordinates to a txt file as x, y.

For example, using the mouse to create the following points: enter image description here

Then I would like to export those points to a txt file, like this: Example:

0.0 1.2
0.2 3.5
1.2 4.2
7.5 10.8

I appreciate any recommendation for such a tool (for Windows, Linux, or both)


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Approximately 2 years after I have posted the question, I didn't get any answer. However, I think I have a hacky way to do that.

  • Draw a square or a rectangle using the software of your preference. The following is an example of a square: enter image description here

  • Import this image to any "Plot Digitizer" software, choose the scale of your axes.

  • Start clicking inside the square area. The software will register the locations.

  • Finally, you can export your data points to a file (e.g: CSV).

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