A couple of weeks ago I was working in a remote place, with very shaky internet connectivity. I had to solve some technical problems. Some them were Javascript problems. However, it was impossible for me to go on the internet, for quickly looking things up or even doing a quick Google search.

I wished I had some searchable offline documentation brought with me. That would have been so much more convenient! I needed to lookup Object and Array methods of modern Javascript Ecmascript, for instance.

My platform is Linux, and I know there are documentation packages, e.g. apt install coffescript-doc. (Same for perl-doc, and many others). But there does not seem to be one for Javascript.

By the way, also I'd like to know which screen reader to use (besides man or info), or is there a good browser-based alternative? With better fulltext search capabilites than man? I'd like to have a debian package equivalent to perl-doc-html ("Perl documentation suitable for viewing with a web browser") but for modern Javascript.

If no answers appear here I'll cross post to Ask Ubuntu, or Unix&Linux

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You definitely want Zealdocs. Offline documentation for a lot of programming languages Zealdocs


I would highly recommend http://phpfui.com/InstaDoc for this. It will fully document all your PHP source code on your local serer. Runs as a PHP script right on your website. Will produce static files if you need them for high volume sites. Easy to install and set up. Maybe 2 minutes to usable documentation for your code and all the third party code you use in your app.

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