I want to limit the PC usage for my kids. Until now, I implemented my own solution, which was fine for very young children. I now want additional features that I don't want to implement myself.

This is for age 6 to 10, so I'd say whitelisting is still a doable approach.

Things I need:

Time limitations

  • global setting for logon times, e.g. 8:00 through 20:00
  • overriden logon settings, e.g. 8:00 through 21:00 on Friday and Saturday
  • global setting for continuous time using the PC, e.g. max. 0:45 of continuous usage.
  • overriden version of that, e.g. 1:15 on Saturdays and Sundays
  • global setting for allowance per day, e.g. max. 1:00 hour per day, no matter how often the PC was turned on or off
  • overriden version of that, e.g. 1:30 on Saturday
  • global settings for allowance per week, e.g. 4:00 hours. If they use 1:00 per day on Monday through Thursday, they can't use the PC from Friday through Sunday.
  • remote administration so that I can e.g. allow 0:15 hours, bypassing any of the forementioned limits, i.e. outside the defined logon time, outside the weekly limit etc.

Application limitations

  • run only allowed programs
  • really a must have: default whitelist for programs that Windows runs itself, e.g. Windows updates, Chkdsk, printer spooler and others. This is where some parental control software fails: it pops up a message that my kids don't understand, so they call me every 2 minutes to either whitelist or blacklist something. Sometimes, I was even unable to judge this myself.
  • remote administration for overriding the application limit for some time, e.g. allow any program to be run within the next 15 minutes
  • Limit the use of applications (mainly games I guess) e.g. from the 4:00 hours per week, only 1:00 hour may be used on Minecraft

Special need:

Minecraft is a Java application. Many other things run on Java as well. The tool needs to be able to distinguish different Java applications. It cannot simply block Javaw.exe based on its usage.

Internet limitation

  • whitelist of websites
  • default whitelists to choose from, e.g. age-specific

Other stuff

  • Windows 10 compatible, 64 Bit
  • Network administration: Children have their own PCs, which I do not want to turn on for changing settings.
  • Works fine with parallel use of PiHole. If you can't answer that, it's ok. I'll try.
  • cost: 100 € per family (1 master, 3 clients)
  • Region: Germany. At least the clients need to have German translation for text that tells the child what is out of limits.

I have tried:

  • I have seen the question and answer metioning WhatPulse. That sounds like a great companion tool for statistics, but does not seem to offer enough parental control.
  • this highly upvoted question, but it's from 2014 and asks for a resource friendly version. Compute power shall not be an issue for me, and I need to run it on Windows 10.
  • this question about blocking Internet, but it has no valid answer.
  • other questions that mention parental control on this site

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