I have absolutely zero experience with user interface and graphical display, so I don't know what to google for this question. I have some python code that uses the raspberry pi camera to take pictures, process them a bit (filters) and that's it. I also have a few hardware components (buttons, joystick) to control that camera and the processing applied to the pictures, like filter selection and filter intensity. The hardware events are already handled through a main loop that polls the buttons/joystick controller. The loop also captures the pictures and process them. Basically, the application is done.

Now, what would be the best way to simply display this information ? What is the best Python framework to achieve this ? Would PyQT or Kivy allow me to do this ? I would want to show the "live feed", some button information (which button has been pressed to show what processing is currently done on the pictures) in a simple cute layout. There does not need to be anything clickable on the interface, as the interaction occurs on the hardware.

Thanks in advance !

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