I'm looking for a tool to provide performance analysis of various JavaScript functions.

ie If have some code that looks like this:

function solveTravelingSalesman(nodes) {

then I want to be able to do something I want to be able to call this function with say some consistent data of say 1000, 1,000,000 and 10,000,000 nodes, and measure:

  • The time taken, or number of computations taken*.
  • The peak memory used.

Ideally this tool would provide deterministic results (ie. multiple runs of the same function and data always return the same results. (hence 'number of computations' is a better metric, as CPU performance may vary)).

However, if that's not possible, that's OK.

I could do something using Date.now() and process.memoryUsage(), but this is messy, and for a synchronous function I can't measure the memory usage until after the function has completed.

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