I have lots of small PDFs. These are mostly about two pages; some are a few more (up to, say, ten).

I wish to produce several different collections of subsets of these into bigger PDFs; for instance "collection1.pdf", "collection2.pdf", etc. (One major collection would be about 150 pages total).

Although there seem to be several packages that facilitate such merging, their readily available online documentation only seems to describe apparent one-off exercises, which are focussed on the present moment and for a single collection: "create your collection N from files A,B,C in this way...".

But I also then wish to save that collection data and to do so for multiple collections:

  • collection1.pdf comprised a,b,c
  • collection2.pdf comprised p,q,r
  • collection3.pdf comprised c,b,x,p,q,y (note some files common from other collections)

This would enable me to return in a few years and produce revised editions of the collections, based on the original, but being able to adjust the contents from those stored lists.

Many years ago, I had access to the full (and expensive!) Adobe Acrobat which supported this "save collection metadata" but only for a single collection.

Are there packages (ideally cheaper than Acrobat) that similarly support not only this "save metadata" but also for multiple collections?

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