I'm brainstorming ideas about Web front end and backend applications. In this case this could be futile because web technologies change so fast. However, which technologies or languages could I use that would be better equipped to have support in the long term by Browsers.

For instance, if I am implementing a web front end for a industrial networking appliance that could be used for lets say 10-15 years what should I use?

Here is some examples of Ethernet network switches that use Web front ends:

  • Stride SE-SW10MG-2P
  • Netgear ProSafe FS728TLP
  • HP Aruba 2930M-48G-ProE

The Stride SE-SW10MG Web front end is quiet simple and fast. It works with text browser like Links2. It seems like it Web source code could run for a long time without issues.

The Netgear ProSafe FS728TLP is older and it has some Java Applets for certain features and with the latest version of Windows 10, some of those features don't work and are infact security problems and are block by a lot of Browsers.

The HP Aruba 2930M-48G-ProE uses a lot of React.js. It is fairly new, but will React.js work 10 years from now on browsers?

Which Web technologies in the community would be considered more stable (but maybe also boring) that could be compatible in the long run.

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