My goal is to make a chatbot capable of reading a list of article titles (long list, could take 5 minutes for the chatbot to read orally the entire list) and the user can navigate in real-time on the answer saying: next, previous, share facebook, share twitter, read full article, go back to article list, etc. I think a rule based chatbot could make it, no NLP needed.

I started to develop my own conversation logic with Google Dialogflow. The chatbot reads the article list but it is not possible (orally !) to 'cut' the chatbot in the middle of the list to say: 'next', 'previous', etc... without having to at least repeat the name of the article or the article number which is not convenient for my needs at all.

Would be happy to hear about how to be able to build such kind of chatbot (only vocal is needed), in python would be appreciated. Ideally I would be able to put the bot as many places as possible (amazon alexa, google home, etc).


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