I am new to message brokers, So I'm looking for a technology ( pub/sub message broker ) which can be used in a hybrid environment ( on-prem and cloud {AWS} ).

My key requirements would be

  • Detecting/ Rectifying Duplicate messages.
  • Managing the topics through a management console ( UI )
  • Guaranteed message delivery ( I think this one would be provided by almost by all tools)
  • Any schema management ( not mandatory )
  • Streaming ( good to have but again not a compulsion )

the services which would be connected to this broker are on .net/.net core platforms and the messages will be in JSON format. The messages will be at-most 10kb size and there will be a need of multi-subscriber feature ( one producer, multiple consumers for a single topic ).

Correct me if I'm wrong, came to know that Activemq has lot of bug issues and message leaks. So what I have in my mind is about Kafka , Kinesis or RabbitMQ, although there is not much need of scaling required so kafka is not necessary I guess.

So suggestions for a message broker ( pub/sub method ) in a hybrid environment [on-prem as well as cloud ( AWS )]??? with the above requirements.

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