I have an executable that was handed down to me that works on Windows 7 64bit(with compatability). It was written in 1999 from what was initially a DOS program, in C++ and was compiled using the Borland Builder for use on Windows. I do not know what options were chosen when compiling or what version of Borland Builder was used. I have a project I am working on to get the program to work on a Raspberry Pi.

I did learn that you can put Windows 10 ARM (which runs x86) onto the RPi3 B+ model but I am stuck with RPi2. I also have found that this program that was handed down to me is nothing more than the combination of a plotter, so I can see a waveform from a digitized signal, and the equivalent of HyperTerminal/ProCommPlus; it is a db9 serially connected device that I am trying to talk with. How fast the program runs is important (which I thinks speaks to my need to upgrade the Pi to a 3).

I thought I might be able to use SnowMan to decompile the executable and some transcompiler to write it for ARM but its that second step that I am coming up short on. My question is, what would you do that I am not thinking of besides buying RPi3? Should I give up on the decompiling/recompiling? Can anyone provide a program that does this for me? Do i really need a transcompiler? Does anyone have a recommendation for a program that could plot the digitized data coming in on an RPi?

Thanks in advance!

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