Are there any open source alternatives to adobe illustrator? I need to make and edit some vector graphics I have, Inkscape is an alternative but when I go to their website they don't seem to have a dmg file (I'm a mac user).


A quick search for "inkscape for mac" provided a top-linked result to the download page. The indication is for a dmg file:

Mac download page


Inkscape latest version:


another open-source project i would recommend:




You could check out Gravit Designer. It isn't open source, but it is free to use. It can be used in a browser or locally installed. I find it much, much easier to figure out than Inkscape. I've also had a lot of problems getting Inkscape to run reliably on a Macintosh and the user interface is not at all native-like. Just for the record, I have no affiliation with the publisher of Gravit Designer.

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