this is my first post here, I would like to find out about convenient tool to write programs in JS. So far, I've tried to use Scrimba, Codepen, Atom, SublimeText, VisualStudio and Chrome console with snippets.

Scrimba was the best for me, but it worked only on Safari in my case. I like that everything what I need was in one place: 1) directory tree, 2) code space, 3) console. However, this is an online solution and for several days I can't understand why it doesn't work anymore, even on other linux computer with Chrome web browser, and I don't have time to deal with it.

The console in Chrome is ok, but when I want to create many projects and then saving them in Snipets illegible. With many snipets I have there, looking for the right project takes long time. Besides, for me, The console in Chrome is rather raw in appearance, not encouraging to work longer, such as Scrimba or Codepen.

Codepen, in turn, does not show a directory tree, and project management is in my opinion too complicated, unclear. However, writing in Pen's is very cool.

The atom, so far I haven't found a console in it, which immediately throws e.g. console.log (), as chrome or scrimba (when it works) and codepen does.

VisualStudio, there is similar situation as in Atom. How do I preview in the console what I wrote there, without leaving the program?

I like SublimeText very much, it's clear, transparent, and has a directory tree on the side, but no preview console project. I have to check in the browser what I wrote, and as I manage several projects it is troublesome.

I am asking for information about a convenient tool where you can select projects / files in the program without leaving it, write the code and preview results in the console.

I will be grateful for the information

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