My boss asked me to use Survey Monkey to gather data from severl branches of our company , but he wants it to ask for the opening times of each point of sale of each branch.

That would be, input one hour of opening , say 10:30 and then select all of of the POS that open at that time from checkboxes, since it's very common that POS open at the same time. However, many branches have diferent ammounts of POS, so I need to make some sort of dynamic formulary to add more checkboxes, if necesary.

So I'd have a checkbox block for POS that open at 10:50 , another for the ones that open at 11:10, and so on.

I don't think Survey Monkey is even capable of doing this, can you tell me if it is and how can I do it? Or reccomend something else that suits my needs more?

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