I'm working on my engineering thesis which takes on the subject of 'Trie Tree Implementation'. My plan is to present various implementation (based on different data structures and algorithms) in Java, which is coming along just fine. Further down the line I'd like to test those implementation performance wise in various use-cases and contrast them against different more popular structures.

I found very interesting presentation by Emery Berger on youtube about his team's software called 'Stabilizer'.

The software's aims to

[Stabilizer] eliminates measurement bias by comprehensively and repeatedly randomizing the placement of functions, stack frames, and heap objects in memory

Unfortunatelly this piece of software is designed for C, C++ and Fortran input - github.

[Stabilizer] is compatible with C, C++ and Fortran inputs.

Actual question: Is there any software that is similar in providing means to performance test piece of Java code in randomized layout and preferably presenting test results in friendly way.

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