We create direct mail lists around groups of approx 20-50 site locations.

There seem to be many (even free) tools to generate a list with one zip code/distance but we need to be able to enter a list of 20-50 site location zips and get back one master list with all the zips within the range of those site zips.

We had a tool that worked well for years called ZipFind Deluxe - unfortunately they are out of business. We'd upload our site zip codes, enter the maximum distance value and get back a master list of all the zips within the range along with the distance each one was from the original site location zip.

Does anyone know of any software that does this? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Our MileCharter products can but you would need a list of zipcodes - two of the versions work with host applications that have these.

MileCharter calculates mileage tables/etc and can also do things like "only report the closest or within a specific distance/time". So if you give it zipcodes as destinations then it can be told to only report those in X miles or Y minutes.

The site is https://www.milecharter.com

Versions available for Microsoft MapPoint (now very old), and Caliper Maptitude (modern updates, comes with lots of data); and "Ultra Mileage" - our own in-house system. The latter has a geocoder tool but for your application you could also source your own zipcode centroids. Perhaps Geonames.org would have them?

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