I'm looking for some kind of application that would allow me to organize a large number of opaque storage totes that contain various items. This is almost a warehouse-style model, but it's for home or storage unit use.

One of the issues I see with the business inventory/home inventory apps I've seen is that they want you to enter a lot of details about each individual item. I'm not interested in this - my ideal app is concerned primarily with the storage containers, with the contents tracked as a nothing more complicated than a quantity and a description.

An example set of records would look like:

|   Box name    | Box ID |           Tags           |
| PC Stuff 1    |  00001 | PC parts, power supplies |
| Music stuff 1 |  00002 | Patch cables             |

| Box ID | Quantity |        Description         |
|  00001 |        2 | 600W Modular PSU           |
|  00001 |        1 | 4Pin CPU power connector   |
|  00001 |        2 | 8pin PIC power connector   |


  • Based around boxes or item containers
  • Doesn't require entering detailed information about individual items in each box. Ideally, only a quantity and a description would be necessary. This eliminates most business-tier apps as far as I can tell.
  • Boxes could be given searchable tags
  • Allows for rapid entry (i.e. on a phone while I sort items into boxes)
  • Allows for either generation of barcode labels, or supports entering barcode values to be associated with each box (and then I can print labels separately)

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There are a few android apps, that can help you with this e.g.

  • Magic Home Inventory - it enables boxes to be created using lists, which can then contain other items (Lists)

  • Also have a look at Sortly. You can probably use categories or folders to mimic Boxes. It enables barcode scanning, but not sure if it can do generation.

You will find a few others on apkpure.com, but you will have to try out to see if they meet all your requirements.

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