I have a lot of task with differents technologies, I working with React.js but, the last widtget to insert on my website is "web component"

So this is very useful because a lot of browser supports it.

What software, framework or library is better to do web components?


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Web components are reusable client-side elements made using native code or third-party libraries. Web components rely on one or more of these browser features: Custom Element, Shadow DOM, Template, HTML import and ES6 modules. Web component libraries which support Custom Element, Shadow DOM, Template, and ES modules are listed below. source

  • Hybrids is a UI library for creating web components with simple and functional API. The library uses plain objects and pure functions for defining custom elements, which allow very flexible composition. It provides built-in cache mechanism, template engine based on tagged template literals, and integration with developer tools.

  • LitElement uses lit-html to render into the element's Shadow DOM and adds API to help manage element properties and attributes. LitElement reacts to changes in properties and renders declaratively using lit-html.

  • Polymer is a web component library built by Google, with a simple element creation API. Polymer offers one- and two-way data binding into element templates, and provides shims for better cross-browser performance.

  • Skate.js is a library built on top of the W3C web component specs that enables you to write functional and performant web components with a very small footprint. Skate is inherently cross-framework compatible. For example, it works seamlessly with - and complements - React and other frameworks.

  • Slim.js is a lightweight web component library that provides extended capabilities for components, such as data binding, using ES6 native class inheritance. This library is focused for providing the developer the ability to write robust and native web components without the hassle of dependencies and an overhead of a framework.

  • Stencil is an open source compiler that generates standards-compliant web components.

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