My questions: which software router to choose ?

It will have to manage mid-size network: 5 user groups ( company departments ), each group will have around 20 PCs. Server has got 10gbe interface card. Also company has 3 servers with databases.

There are two branch offices of the company, and traffic has to be patched through there as well. Those offices are connected via ipsec, remote workstations are connected via l2tp+ipsec. We do not have our own AS at the moment, but planning to have it in future.

So I am stuck between four solutions here: OPNSense, VyOS, CentOS and ClearOS.

P.S.: CLI is not an issue for me, but won’t mind a GUI as well. Things to consider are: Efficient customer support (company demands it), active development stage of the software’s life-cycle (we are planning to have long-term relationships with the solution).

Any thoughts on this?

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