I want to create an app which runs on Linux and Windows-based terminals (or only Linux) like the one which we usually see in shopping malls to purchase some things yourself. I have written web APIs and hosted in IIS (Windows server). I need to build a UI which will call these APIs for data sharing.


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There's a list of platform-independent GUI libraries on Wikipedia.

Some of them are fairly modern and relatively popular:

  • Xamarin.Forms with C# as a default programming language. I assume you're familiar with C#, based on IIS comment.
  • OpenJFX (Java and JVM-based languages)
  • Qt (C++)

By the way, take a closer look on @minboost's suggestion in the comments. Electron is also a framework for full-fledged desktop applications, althogh it uses technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) typically associated with web products.

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