I am looking for a library routine callable from C++ to do an inplace matrix transpose. And I would like it done fast. Arbitrary size 2d dense matrices need to be supported.

By in-place, I mean not much extra storage should be allocated. Using a full size temporary does not count.

Eigen's has an transposeInPlace only has the effect of an in-place transpose. It still uses a full copy's worth of memory (when not square).

MKL's imatcopy does work inplace but it does so very slowly. On about 1GB input: omatcopy, 00.2s; imatcopy, 32.5s.

I've seen a few academic papers but I've not found usable code.

A permissive licences is preferred, but not required.

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In-place transpose for a rectangular m x n matrix in C++.

#include <algorithm>
template<typename T>
    inline void transpose(T* A, long m, long n)
        if (m<n) std::swap(m, n);
        while (m > 1 && n > 1)
            for (long i = 1; i < m; i++)
                std::rotate(A+i, A+i*n, A+i*n+1);
            A += m;
            n -= 1;

Based on the ideas laid out here. Probably a much faster way would be using FFTW, as described here.

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