My Goal:

The ability to record from multiple microphones placed around my house simultaneously, and store recordings in one centralized location. (Think Security Camera System, but only with audio)

My Current Thoughts of how to do this:

  • Streaming: At the moment I only know of HLS (HTTP Live Streaming ) as a method of steaming audio via network connection. I don't know if this is a good method for my purpose, so I'm not married to this protocol.

  • Recording: I have No Clue where to even look for programs that record multiple HLS Streams (or other protocols)

  • Software: Ultimately if I can't find anything out there, I'll build my own solution. But I figured I should ask the great people of the internet first (That's You).

  • I really don't have anything set in stone, I'm open to all suggestions.

My resources:

  • Raspberry Pi(s) as the network microphones With USB microphones.

  • Linux Server for Recordings

  • Money the less the better, but preferably under $200.

Some "Considerations" if you're looking into something like this:

In some States/Provinces/Territories/Districts/Countries it is entirety ILLEGAL to record audio without the Recorded Parties' Prior Consent!

  • This is not the case where I am from, we have Single Party Consent Recording Laws. (I just have to put up signs)

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