I need to edit some .ofm forms but I don't have Nuance OmniForm, which is a $99 editor.

Is there a freeware version of Nuance OmniForm, or a software for editing .ofm files?

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Nuance OmniForm has been discontinued by Nuance in 2005 and is no longer sold or supported: I agree with Nico Schuele it seems like nobody had reverse-engineered the format and since it got ended a decade ago I'm not very optimistic that anyone will do it. That said, .ofm files can be opened and edited by Nuance OmniPage (might need the ultimate edition), which has a free trial, and maybe they can allow export to more friendly formats.


There are none. .ofm looks like a proprietary file type and thus, no editors can provide this functionality.

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    Just because it is a proprietary file format does not mean no editors can provide that functionality. If no one with the ability to create something has needed that then it does probably mean there isn't anything. For example .esp is the proprietary plugin format that Bethesda uses for The Elderscrolls (III, IV and V) as well as Fallout NV & Fallout 3 and yet there are quite a few third party editors for them (including some that I've contributed significantly to). Jun 13, 2014 at 18:12

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