Is there a weather widget for android phones capable of displaying the current temperature both in Fahrenheit and Celsius at the same time? That is, I'm not looking for widgets like the one shipped with the HTC one, the AccuWeather app etc. which only seem able to display the temperature in one scale at a time.

Edit: I currently run Android 4.4.2, so that'd be a good cut-off. It doesn't have to fancy. Ideally, it'd be like the HTC One (M7) widget which shows the time, a symbol for the current weather and the temperature. The app is prefarably free, but I would consider a budget up to $10 (especially if there are other interesting features).


I found it in the "Weather Notification" app by "Denis Nelubin". You have to tap in the configuration of the Skin and choose "Celsius(Farenheit)" or vice-versa to show both.

Weather Notification

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    Would you look at that! I actually did try this app based on the previous answer, but I guess I didn't know where to look for the settings. Thanks! – Anyon Oct 13 '18 at 4:26

Weather notification is the name of one program that shows dual units, but it is not a screen saver type app. So when you want to use it you have to tap the program icon. However, the choices are there, and it even allows you to use C or F first followed by the other, or to choose either one.

  • Thanks for the reply! Do you have a link to it? I tried out a couple apps called "Weather notification" (and even "Notification weather") I found on Google Play, but I did not find the options you mention. – Anyon Apr 5 '16 at 1:35

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