Here is my scenario:
I have an application that gives the user a lot of information to make decisions. These informartion could be charts, a Gant chart, dashboards, lists, tables. There is a need to export all these different pages, and I've been using two third party libraries to solve it. With aspose.cells (www.aspose.com) I am able to create some xlsx or pdf files to export lists and tables. With HiQPdf(www.hiqpdf.com) I am able to retrieve the rendered HTML and print to pdf some charts and dashboards. Therefore, I kind of have some tools to export what I need, but I need to export all of these pages in a single pdf file.

The application:
Here I'm using .net core in the back end integrated with react in the front end;

The problem:
There is a new need comming up, in my application there is a sort of presentation. The idea is to let the user present different pages of the software with montly results as if it was a power point presentation. Therefore, the user choses wich pages he wants to display and for how long it will be displayed. He also can skip a page, go forward, go back, just like a power point presentation. Now, I need to let the user export this whole presentation at once. The problem is that for some pages I use HiqPDF, and for others only Aspose.

I can't export dashboards using aspose because the widgets used are mounted in the front end. Another problem is exporting charts, I use FusionCharts here, so I fetch the data from back end and deliver it to the component. What I saying is, from my back end I can only expect Data, nothing has been rendered yet.

On the other hand, with aspose I can export Lists and Tables. I can simply fetch data and put values on the a worksheet. I do have an option to create charts with Aspose, but dashboards will be the problem again. To export dashboards I use HiQPdf. I get all the rendered HTML, send it as string to back end and process it. Basically, I'm stuck!

I had an old application in Pascal. There I didn't have this problem because I was mounting all my HTML in the back end (I know, totally not cool).

Has anyone had this problem before?

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