I am working in academia in a very wide field of research mixing a lot of different domains. This broadness is also a problem, since there is no proper references for the basis of the theory, and we have to deal with a lot of material scattered in very different places, often in the form of lecture notes, conference proceeding or unpublished documents.

Therefore, I would like to propose a collaborative online list of these references, in a light way so that anyone could add or improve the list. The best current list of references is here, which is neither up to date nor really easy to use (no tags, list by authors, etc).

I would like to be able for anyone to

  • sort in different ways
  • add tags
  • add or edit references entries
  • rate difficulty (this is a bonus)
  • comment (this is a bonus)

Moreover, it should be better if the list were accessible without any amount on a simple webpage.

Any suggestion is welcome!

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